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We understand that sometimes, you just want to know a rough figure before you commit to putting pen to paper.

With this in mind for our customers, we have tried to make our pricing as transparent as possible, allowing you the chance to find out a ball-park price for your project.

How We Charge:

Our rates are calculated by $/m² for all surfaces, however the dollar amount changes upon the surface, access points, chemical use, equipment necessary, time budgeted etc...

See our calculation examples below for a more accurate understanding


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$200 Discount

Transparent Pricing

Here you can find our price for whatever surfaces your cleaning project includes. 

Use this as a guide to understand roughly how much your project will cost.

Calculation Examples

These are general examples, calculated to highlight how size can alter the total price of your project

Exterior of Modern Garage


If you had a long straight pebble-crete ($5/m²) driveway measuring 20m*5m, the total area is 100m²

Our Calculation:

100m² @ $5/m² = $500

Image by Jack Price-Burns


If you had an average size single-story 4-bed home ($4/m²) your roof would be roughly 250m²

Our Calculation:

250m² @ $4/m² = $1000

Image by Redd


If you had an average single-story 4-bed home, your exterior walls would be roughly 200m²

Our Calculation:

200m² @ $4/m² = $800

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